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Posted on: July 30, 2008 3:53 pm
I've read dozens of articles on this story, as has everyone else. I keep reading comments from fans about how the Packers should let Favre and Rodgers "compete" for the starting job. I've read that the Packers owe it to the fans to have the best player as the starting QB and that it should be decided during training camp.

I respect the whole competition idea and competition usually breeds success, hell look at our country, it's based on the premise of competition in the open market. Unfortunately, when it comes to starting QBs in the NFL and team success, a QB controversy (ie starter being decided during training camp), there is a rather slim if any chance of winning the Super Bowl. Just look at recent Super Bowl champs, how many of them went into training camp with an open QB competition.

2007-08 New York Giants- Eli was the starting QB
2006-07 Indianapolis Colts- no comment necessary (Peyton Manning)
2005-06 Pittsburgh Steelers- Ben Roethlisburger was the starting QB
2004-05 New England Pats- Tom Brady
2003-04 New Engladn Pats- Tom Brady
2002-03 Tampa Bay Bucs- Brad Johnson from start to finish
2001-02 New England Pats- Drew Bledsoe was starter and got injured, no training camp controversy.
2000-01Baltimore Ravens- Tony Banks was the starter going into the season and was benched for Dilfer, not controverys in training camp.

The list goes on and on, with previous seasons including John Elway with the Broncos, Brett Favre with the Packers, Troy Aikman with the Cowboys, etc... Of course things can change over the course of a season, as is seen with Banks being benched for Dilfer and Brady stepping in for the injured Bledsoe. BUT, a team needs to go into training camp with a starter. That player needs to be under center to perfect his timing with receivers, the offensive line, play calling and leadership. With the QB position, there needs to be consistency and stability and a training camp without a declared startin QB does not breed any of the above.

The Packers have their minds set on Aaron Rodgers as the starting QB and though I do not necessarily believe that they have their best chances of winning with Rodgers under center, bringing Favre in to "compete" for the starting job will do nothing but create distraction and offset the great strides the young receivers made last season.
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